By Amanda Wicks

All kinds of colloquial words and phrases exist to describe just how fine a woman can be, and a lot of those have originated from music. Cole Swindell is adding to that list with his newest single “Flatliner” featuring Dierks Bentley. The tune is all about a woman who–you guessed it–flatlines his heart because of how attractive she is.

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“Dang, girl, look at you/ Stopping me in my boots/ What’s a country boy to do, but say/ Uh uh,” Swindell sings in the song’s opening verse.

The chorus picks up on the song’s title, and finds Swindell about to have a figurative heart attack after looking at the woman. “Somebody better call a doctor/ She’s a little heart stopper/ I’m talking breaker breaker one-niner/ She’s a flatliner, oh she’s a flatliner,” he sings.

Elsewhere in the song, Swindell and Bentley joke around about how they would even approach such a woman. Easily said and done, just sing her a tune.

“Flatliner” appears on Swindell’s upcoming album You Should Be Here, which is scheduled for release on May 6th. Listen to the tune below:


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