By Robyn Collins

In the third episode of his four-part video series Dierks Bentley’s newest song from the upcoming Black Album, “Pick UP”, picks up where the last clip left off.

The first line, “I dialed seven digits, five times today just to hear you say you love or hate me, I’ll take anything…” pretty much sums up the desperation of the troubled love story.

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In the first video we were introduced to the cast in a love triangle. In the second video, we see the effects of drunk dialing. Then… things get darker and messier in the this most recent development.

“When you’re in the throes of a relationship, it can be crazy and lustful, even obsessive and jealous,” Bentley tells Rolling Stone Country. ‘Pick Up’ drops into the sequence as that point when you just have to be closer to your girl. For the storyline and plot of these videos, Wes [Edwards, director] definitely takes it there and puts a shocking spin on it.”

“It’s a romantic album, but it’s not all happy,” he says. “It’s just about love … the edgier and darker sides of it, too.”


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