By Robyn Collins

Cole Swindell performed his latest number one “You Should Be Here” and his newest single, “Middle of a Memory” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night.

Swindell wrote “Middle of a Memory” with Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley. The Georgia native told The Boot songs like “Broke Down,” “Middle of a Memory”—I’m so proud I wrote those, because those are real things that I think we’ve all been through, and this album is, whether it’s fun or not so fun, I hope it’s real to everybody, and everybody listens to the whole album.”

On his first album, the prolific songwriter wrote all but one song, but this time around, Swindell looked to other songwriters for a few of the tunes.

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“That used to be all I did all day, write songs,” Swindell says. “People ask me about that, but I’m like, ‘I don’t ever want to be dumb enough to miss a great song because I didn’t write it’ … They are five that I wish I had written.”

As a whole, the artist says that the record is about “real life stuff.”

In addition to “You Should Be Here” and “Middle of a Memory,” Swindell’s new album includes a collaboration with Dierks Bentley, “Flatliner,” which Swindell wrote four years ago for Bentley. It actually ended up on Swindell’s record, with guest vocals from Bentley, instead.


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