By Maria D'Antonio

Today’s Trending @ 10 is going to have ‘Game of Thrones’ fans SUPER PUMPED.

There is now a ‘Game of Thrones’ version of CLUE!!! How cool is that?! Now YOU can be George R. R. Martin and decide which character gets killed off next! Kind of, anyway.

This version of the game is going to work exactly like regular CLUE, but it’s just gonna be all GoT themed! According to, the game has six new weapons, including: a crossbow, a poison vial, a Faceless Man, an assassin dagger, the arakh, a catspaw and a battle axe.

It also comes with a DOUBLE-SIDED game board with all sorts of locations from the books and the show! Finally, you get to pick from TWELVE different characters, including Jaime, Sansa, Grey Worm and Littlefinger! Woosh!

Need it now? Get it here! Enjoy!


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