By Maria D'Antonio

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE, PEOPLE! I always equated today’s Trending @ 10 with flying cars, something people always thought would happen, but probably never would. BUT IT’S HAPPENING.

Uber is testing its first-ever SELF-DRIVING car in Pittsburgh!!! According to, they opened the Advanced Technologies Center here in Pittsburgh last year, where they’ve been developing these cars – and it’s finally hit the road for a test drive!

The car itself has a bunch of super-techy sensors on top, and the first ride went REALLY well! According to the Tribune-Review, it drove across the 31st Street Bridge and around the North Side…and it even stopped for a goose crossing the street! A GOOSE! This thing is a better driver than me.

Seriously, though, if this really takes off…could you imagine getting into the backseat of a car with no human driver? Like “Hey!…nobody?” What a time to be alive!


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