By Maria D'Antonio

Well, this is an awkward Trending @ 10!

Drake White was the opening act for Zac Brown Band on Saturday night, and I got to interview him before the show! I was feeling a lot of things: excited, nervous and FREEZING COLD. (if you were at the show – you know what I’m talking about!)

ANYWAY, he came up for the interview, and I went to shake his hand and introduce myself, and I said “Hi, my name is Maria D’Antonio – sorry, my hands are really cold!”

Without missing a beat, he goes “WOW, they really are! Here, put them in my armpit!”

AND BAM – my hand was IN HIS ARMPIT. That’s the closest and most awkward I’ve ever gotten with any celebrity and I LOVED IT. Lolol, needless to say, I was not nervous for the interview after that!

He was so fun to talk to and even better on stage! Check out the full interview below!


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