If you’ve ever stepped on a Lego block, you might think something terribly violent has happened to you. It certainly feels like it anyway.

Now according to one study, the toys are looking the violent part now too.

Findings by a research group at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand say that the toy has become more violent since the introduction of its first toy set that included weapons in 1978.

The study reports that today, 30 percent of the Lego toy sets contain weapons, which is part of a wider trend trying to grab the attention of kids.

Lego says ‘conflict’ is just one of a number of styles of play they promote through their toys. According to a representative for Lego notes that there’s a difference between violence and conflict, saying that “conflict is a natural part of how children play and it helps them learn how to deal with conflicts in their own lives.”

Lego has been making the famous toy blocks since 1949.


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