By Amanda Wicks

It looks like someone is a picky eater. In his 39 years of living, Blake Shelton has never tried sushi so his good friend Jimmy Fallon decided to have a little fun at the country singer’s expense. The two visit Nobu in New York so Shelton can get a taste of what he’s been missing all these years.

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When Fallon asks if Shelton has ever tried the cuisine, he responds, “I mean, not the raw stuff, no.” Shelton looks exasperated throughout the entire experience, shaking his head when their server delivers a carafe of sake to the table and Fallon explains the drink. Shelton’s accent pronounces “rice” as “raas,” which Fallon quickly jumps on for laughs.

For his first piece of sushi, Fallon offers Shelton the choice between salmon and tuna. “Does it matter?” he asks. “I don’t know the difference. That right there looks like a human tongue.” While his first taste goes successfully, Shelton tries a piece of yellowtail and concludes, “I don’t like that.”

Even though it doesn’t seem like Shelton will be eating sushi anytime in the future, Fallon treats his friend at the very end for his patience. He surprises him with something a little more traditionally American.

Watch below:


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