By Amanda Wicks

Brad Paisley stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday (May 24), where talk turned to the political issues affecting the country. When Kimmel asked what current events Paisley liked to sing about, he said the transgender bathroom debate had been on his mind.

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Paisley sang a song spoofing North Carolina’s House Bill 2 set to the tune of Tammy Wynette’s classic “Stand By Your Man.” After picking up his guitar, Paisley explained, “Country music dealt with this in the 60s,” referencing the time period in which the original song came out.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman/ Especially if you were born a man/ And North Carolina/ They’re checking for vaginas/ If you want to use the can,” he sang in the opening verse.

When it comes to Wynette’s chorus, Paisley reaches for her high votes and twists the words. “Sit by your man/ We’re all human beings/ He’s just a human peeing/ In the stall right next to you,” he sings.


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