By Robyn Collins

Dan+Shay are holding up their end of the agreement they seem to have made with the listening public. Their single, “From the Ground Up,” delivers another melodically enchanting, story-rich song featuring the group’s effortless, signature harmonies, and fans are eating it up.

Dan+Shay have often been compared to country trio Rascal Flatts, because of their tight harmonies and vocal ranges. “From the Ground Up” was inspired by the lives and deaths of their grandparents, is evidence that as the men grow older, they are appreciating and honoring love that stands the test of time.

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Dan recently told “I had just gotten back from my grandfather’s funeral, and Shay’s grandfather was in the hospital. We were just talking and sharing stories about our grandparents’ lives, and how they were married for 65-plus years. And we’re like, ‘Man that doesn’t happen anymore. That’s like a special love that’s rare these days.’ And we’re just reminiscing on cool memories and going to our grandparents’ house, that same house they lived in their entire life, and we’re like, ‘Man, that’s how we wanna live our lives and treat that like our own personal relationships.’”

Dan+Shay also released a corresponding music video, depicting the story of a family legacy of love, nodding to their grandparents that inspired the song, and solidifying a spot in the “wedding song playlist” genre.

The single, written with Chris DeStefano, is a worthy follow-up to their number one “Nothing Like You.”

Their second single “Obsessed” features a throwback timeless sound, and is smoother than smooth, with a shot of something sexy and jazzy.

The song is is a nod to their fans. “Our fans know we live on social media both when we’re in and out of the studio, and we started noticing that hashtag ‘#obsessed’ being tagged in all our fans’ posts when we first revealed our single, ‘From The Ground Up,’” Mooney adds. “So when it came time to pick a title for this album, it seemed pretty appropriate that we’re even more obsessed with making music for our fans than they are to hear it.”

Dan + Shay will be touring with Darius Rucker on his 2016 Good for a Good Time Tour.


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