By Amanda Wicks

It seems like things were rock solid between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. Not only was she in the crowd during his Coachella set in April, but she reportedly skipped out on an appearance in order to be with him after his car accident in May. That’s why news of their amicable breakup yesterday (June 1) after 15 months together has left fans more than a little sad.

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Since learning the news, fans have been flooding social media with woebegone posts, which include sharing how much the breakup has been affecting them and even begging both artists to reconcile. To help ease the pain for everyone, let’s remember the good times, here are seven times when the couple was too cute for words. Literally.

7. “She cooks too”

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and Swift seemed to abide by that maxim when she manned the grill over an early holiday weekend the couple shared. “She cooks too,” Harris wrote along with several fire emojis. Swift’s bemused expression, aimed straight at Harris’ camera, hints at her growing affection for him.

6. Floating Along

The vast majority of photos the couple shared together on Instagram involved a pool, a beach or some other relaxing setting. In the early stages of their romance, Swift and Harris shared a romantic inflatable swan ride. She wrote, “Swan goals,” poking fun at her own #SquadGoals trend.

5. The Romantic Boat Ride 

Swift keeps her friends close and her squad even closer. She and Harris took in the London sights by cruising along the Thames, but they weren’t alone. Best friends Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, along with ex Joe Jonas, were along for the ride, which goes to show how comfortable Swift felt about their relationship status.

4. The Piggyback Ride

During a Fourth of July weekend together, Swift shared a photo showing Harris giving her a piggy back ride. She had her arms wrapped around him in a clear display of affection, and her smile practically beamed. “Friendly relations between Scotland and America,” she wrote. Friendly relations, indeed.

3. The Locket

The couple began dating on May 6, 2015 and to commemorate their one-year anniversary Harris bought Swift a beautiful gold locket with that date engraved on it. She shared a pic of the gift on Instagram, writing, “One year down.” Things seemed so strong at the time with both parties appearing to be equally committed to the relationship. And to think, that was only two months ago.

2. Album of the Year

Swift became the first female artist to win a Grammy for “Album of the Year” more than once, and Harris posted a photo of her acceptance speech with the accompanying words, “Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend.” It wasn’t a moment they necessarily shared together in person, but his public support was meaningful nonetheless.

1. On Vacation

After her major world tour, big Grammy wins and more, Swift and Harris jetted off to a tropical destination where they shared photos of all the fun, relaxing things they got to do together. Things like bouncing on an ocean trampoline, jet skiing and being generally adorable. This sweet photo, with Swift’s leg lifted like a Disney princess, says it all.


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