Country star Kip Moore has a passion for skateboarding, so it was no surprise when he announced plans last year to start a skateboarding charity.

Moore appeared on CBS This Morning to talk about the ‘Comeback Kid Skatepark Project’ to talk about his desire to help inner city kids.

As a kid, Kip said “I didn’t have much, but I saw kids that had even way less than me.”

“I’ve just always been inspired when I come into these communities to try to do something and I look around and this is where my core is.”

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Now that he’s in a position to make a difference and help, he said “My thing was what can I do to give these kids a safe place to go, give these kids some hope, maybe turn them onto a new sport – and skating was the first thing that kind of come to mind because of the community of it.”

“You might have some kid that couldn’t make the football team, could’t make the basketball team and then all of the sudden he comes otu here and it gives him a whole other direction in his life and it also just gives him a spark of hope & believing in himself.”

Moore’s skateparks are in Nashville, Annapolois, Boston, San Marcos and one opens soon in Cincinnati. You can donate to Kip’s Kids Fund here.


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