By Maria D'Antonio

So, I need you to be the judge on this one.

A guy got a speeding ticket for going just 9 mph over the speed limit. The ticket was originally for $79.90, but because he tried to fight it and LOST, the court fees made it add up to a total of $212. So now, even though he feels this whole thing is totally unjustified, he has to pay this fine.

So, to STICK IT TO THE MAN, he decided to pay his entire fine in PENNIES. Like, 21,200 pennies. Not even rolled pennies, free, loose pennies that he just dumped on the desk at the municipal office.

I GET IT. I would be ticked, too, for getting that large of a fine for only 9 mph over the speed limit. BUT, was it fair of him to pay the fine like that? Or was that over the top?

You Be the Judge! Comment below!


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