By Robyn Collins

Brett Young has been named one of Rolling Stone’s “Ten New Artists You Need To Know” and we tend to agree. The 6’6” country crooner has developed his own “Caliville” sound, showing his SoCal roots and his personal brand of Music City storytelling magic.

The former college baseball pitcher credits sports with providing him with the work ethic needed for the work that would be ahead of him in his music career. “I think my background has a lot to do with my work ethic,” says Brett. “There is a discipline that you learn growing up playing sports, which I did through college. It is always my goal to work harder than the next guy.” When an injury sidelined him in his baseball career, he turned to music.

A self-proclaimed romantic, Young says, “Everyone leaves a trail of ‘almosts’ and bittersweet memories behind on the road to ‘the one’. It has happened to me on my journey — it happens to everyone — but I’m learning to use those moments now when I write music. I’m a hopeless romantic who feels everything, and that shows in my songs.”

As for his influences, they’re pretty diverse: “I grew up with Marvin Gaye, Kenny Rogers, Tim McGraw— emotionally expressive singers. I like that the emotion carries the songs, where the music is almost secondary,” he explains. “Tim McGraw’s ‘Don’t Take The Girl’ – that for me was the first time I heard a country song and said, ‘This is what I wanna do.’ That influenced me, as a songwriter and a performer, I want to connect like that. When your audience really feels what you’re singing, it becomes about much more than the show. You have a connection…you truly have a fan and a shared special moment.”

Check out Brett Young’s “Sleep Without You”

His self-titled EP was released earlier this year, and he is now in the studio with GRAMMY winning producer Dann Huff working on his full length debut.


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