By Maria D'Antonio

Today’s Trending @ 10 could lighten things up a little bit after the Pens loss last night…literally!

According to, there are new rumors going around that the iPhone 7 will be available in BLUE! Kinda like the iPod blue, and that the Space Gray color could be going away.

And I’m fine with that. Think about it, the colors right now (aside from Rose Gold – fav!) are kinda boring! You have Gold, Rose Gold, Space Gray and Silver. A Blue option could bring some life to this party!

ALSO, I didn’t really care to hear THIS update: they’re saying that the new iPhone might not have a headphone jack!!! What?! How am I supposed to privately listen to H.O.L.Y. on repeat now without being judged?! Not a good move, Apple, not a good move.

ANYWAY, I guess we’ll find out what’s really true this Fall – because that’s when iPhone 7 is allegedly due out! So much alleging.

Happy Friday!


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