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Ronnie Dunn, of the country duo Brooks and Dunn, stirred controversy with a post decrying President Obama’s speech addressing the Orlando massacre.

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Today the singer took to social media to draw attention to the song “Holy War,” which is a hidden track on the group’s 2003 album Red Dirt Road.

Dunn explained his rationale for bringing the track to the forefront now, and also pledged to donate further proceeds to the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack.

Read Dunn’s full statement, and listen to “Holy War,” below.

I started writing HOLY WAR when the planes were flying into the Twin Towers. Shortly afterwards, the Taliban were shown on tv telling people that America was, per their interpretation of the Koran made up of infidel Jews, homosexuals and corrupt politicians.

The Twin Towers represented the Tower of Babel (illicit wealth, power)

Many faith driven people believed that the act was the beginning of Armageddon…..the ultimate HOLY WAR.

The record label did not want me to record the song so I took my own money, recorded it and put it on the cd as a “hidden track”.
It’s on iTunes …you can buy it.

If you do, I will donate EVERY penny of my earnings to the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack. RD


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