By Maria D'Antonio

I love stuff like today’s Trending @ 10!

Thomas Rhett was doing a meet and greet with a bunch of fans, when a couple came up to take a picture with him. And immediately, the guy started gushing about his girlfriend to Thomas Rhett: how he loved her from day one, how he’s been so happy the entire time they’ve been together, and all that sappy love stuff…

And Thomas Rhett goes “I feel like he should propose right now!” AND THAT’S WHEN THE GUY GETS DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND PROPOSES!

Thomas’s reaction was priceless! He goes “Oh s***! This is happening right now!” and then screamed “SAY YES!” in the background, lolol. She did! You gotta watch the whole video now! Adorable! I love love.

Happy Friday!


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