By Amanda Wicks

As promised, Zac Brown Band released the second installment of their short film trilogy today (June 17), which draws upon their music to tell a dramatic narrative between mother and daughter.

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Written and directed by Diego Pernía, the second part picks up when the young daughter flees to the forest to escape her alcoholic mother. She spends a good deal of time crying at the base of a tree, recalling the time when her grandfather planted it with her and how it became her best friend (her words).

Of course, things have changed rather dramatically for the young daughter since that childhood memory. Still, it’s unclear–besides her mother’s rampant alcoholism–what has occurred to make everybody so horrendously miserable. After finding solace with her tree, the daughter returns home to resolve things with her mother.

The video’s description on YouTube elucidates. “When communication becomes impossible, the heritage of your ancestors, forgiveness and love, are the only way to heal.”

The band’s song “Remedy” plays in the background. Whereas it was a faint echo in the first video, it becomes a much more central part of the second film. Stay tuned for part three.


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