By Maria D'Antonio

Barnes & Noble is really putting in the effort for today’s Trending @ 10!

According to The Huffington Post, starting this fall, they will be opening “concept stores” that will sell BEER and WINE with all those good books! AND! They’ll also be adding full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus!!

They do already have Starbucks in their stores, but this new addition will be like another restaurant, with waitstaff and everything.

The whole idea is to not only bring people to the store, but to make them stay there longer.

The first location is opening up in upstate New York this fall, with a few other locations opening up across the country this year…can we make this happen and bring this to Pittsburgh? PLEASE?!

I personally think they’re really on to something! Wine and a good book? With food around? They’ll be lucky if I don’t move in.


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