By Amanda Wicks

Even though Maren Morris has been playing and performing country music since she was a teenager, it took releasing her new major studio album Hero earlier in June to grab everyone’s attention. Morris will be sitting down with CBS Sunday Morning on July 3rd to discuss what it finally took to breakthrough the saturated world of country music.

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Four years ago, she tells the program, she moved from Texas to Nashville to stretch her songwriting skills. She was scooped up by a publisher and within six months penned “Last Turn Home,” a song Tim McGraw went on to record. “It was very emotional,” she recounts about hearing her song through McGraw’s voice for the first time. “As a songwriter, you never forget that first cut.”

Still, it took her not singing to find her voice. She began writing and performing her own songs around town, many of which made their way onto Hero. She’s known for a humorous undertone to her lyrics and a fierce attitude thanks to songs like “Rich” and “My Church,” which has since gone gold.

Morris will open up about her quick rise to fame. “It’s crazy to think what’s happened in a very short amount of time, even though it feels like forever,” she says. CBS Sunday Morning airs July 3 at 9:00 a.m. ET.

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