By Maria D'Antonio

It’s a BIG DAY for Snapchat lovers on today’s Trending @ 10!

Snapchat is adding a brand new feature called “Memories”! It actually just showed up on my Snapchat account today, and it’s pretty cool!

According to, if you’ve ever forgotten to save any snaps or one of your snap stories, you can now go back through the archives and save stuff you forgot to save! You can even repost old stories, too!

AND THERE’S MORE! We’re also getting a “My Eyes Only” folder! It lets you store old snaps that you never want anyone to ever see again, ever.

That embarrassing vid you made over 4th of July weekend that was funny when you posted it drunk, but not so funny now? YOUR EYES ONLY!

And this folder is so secure, only YOU know the password! Snapchat won’t keep record of it! So if you forget it, you’re out of luck! Those snaps will be on lockdown FOREVER. Which, I guess isn’t a bad thing!


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