By Brian Ives

Garth Brooks’ 2014 release Man Against Machine was his first studio album in thirteen years. Trisha Yearwood hasn’t released a new studio album of original material since 2007’s Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love. But fans of the country music power couple should rest assured that new music is coming from Garth and Trisha, separately and together.

In March, Yearwood told that they are working on their first album of duets, which will be a Christmas album. On Friday (July 8), before their first of two concerts at New York’s Yankee Stadium, she gave us an update on the album: “It is done, we are doing the photo shoot for it next week, and it’s mixed. We have one song that’s not completely finished, but everything else is completely done. I love it: it’s a cool mix of old and new. It’s fun.”

The album will be a mix of classics and new songs. “Garth had a hand in writing most of the new songs, and they feel like they fit in so well with the classic songs. I’m excited for it to come out. And this is our first official duet album, so for us, it’s been a long time coming. And it felt like Christmas was the right way to start this. Hopefully this is the beginning of more duet albums. It’s something that we’ve talked about for a long time. This is the dipping our toes in the water.”

In March, she also told about her next solo album, saying, “I really kind of want to make my ‘Emmylou Harris record,’ a ‘simple is better’ album. I envision the next Trisha Yearwood album being a little bit more organic than gadgety.”

So at Yankee Stadium, we asked her about how that album is progressing, and she verified she’s sticking with that vision.

“The songs that I’m finding, are fitting in a little more of a stripped down sound. I hear some songs, but then I say, ‘Man, that’s a big, big power ballad, so I still don’t know.’ Right now, I’m still gathering [songs]. Hopefully, I’ll get in the studio and do a session’s worth of maybe four or five songs, when we have a break in August. And then I’ll have a better idea of what the album will be. But my goal is still to get it out in 2017, so I’m working on it.”

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Brooks discussed his new album with, in a seperate interview before his Yankee Stadium show Friday night: “We’re about halfway through it. The one thing that I’ve learned out here on the tour is, people are wondering where the ‘Garth stuff’ was; it wasn’t on the last album, because the truth is, I didn’t know if I could write again. Because I’d been away for so long. So I holed myself up for the last six months, forced myself to write, and it’s been cool. So, it’s going to be the most ‘Garth’ album. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, people will let me know, but that’s what it’s gonna be.”

Is he accepting cuts from outside writers? “I’m listening to other cuts, but what I’m looking for is that thing that I bring. Never would I compare myself, but [Merle] Haggard is one of the best writers, but not many people cut his stuff because it only fit Haggard. And thank God for that! That’s what made him so special.”

Brooks and Yearwood’s next shows are later this month in San Antonio, Texas. Check Brooks’ website for more information.



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