By Wookie

Today, I’m, going to talk about what a lot of us have lost as we age. The LOVE of the sport(s)

Witness this young Pirate fan during yesterday’s game he was happy, sad, mad, hungry, sleepy, and finally revealed and crying with joy.

Leading with 2 outs and 2 strikes only to see the game tied and last 18 total innings can be a drain to anyone let alone a small kid.

That’s where the LOVE of the game and team comes in. The kid wasn’t taking selfies and checking social media. He was living and dying (so to speak) with every pitch. Something we all did at one point but have either out grown or have been jaded so much that it doesn’t matter.

Sports can help help you forget about life, yeah sure it can frustrate you but in the end win or lose it can help you coup with anything. Though it’s much easier when you win… Right kid!


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