By Wookie

You’ll be hearing new music on Y108 from Luke Bryan, Toby Kieth and Trent Harmon and Wookie takes a look at the songs.

Luke Bryan follows up his “Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Everyday” #1 with his upbeat take on how when a girl moves, he can’t. It won’t take long for “Move” to be a crowd favorite at shows and his 9th straight #1, and 16th overall.

Trent Harmon’s drops his debut single “There’s A Girl.” If the name Trent Harmon sounds familiar, it’s because Trent will be a footnote in American Idol history. Just as Kelly Clarkson will always be known as the first American Idol winner, Trent will be known as the final Idol winner. Let’s hope he has the career that Kelly has had. Trent stopped by Bowser Nissan Theater not too long ago so you can check it out here.

17 and counting. That’s the number of #1 songs Jason Aldean has and I see no reason why his new song “A Little More Summertime” won’t be #18. It kind of reminds me of Jason’s “Fly Over States.” Can’t wait to hear it live on September. 24th.

Toby Keith is back with a kick-ass Toby cowboy song titled “A Few More Cowboys.” Toby’s never been one to shy away from political talk and didn’t here. He basically says if a few more cowboys were in charge of this country things would better off. Leave it to Toby. Toby stops by Y108 Nation on August 13th.


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