Believe it or not, "VW," a song on his album, was written before he ever went on his VW road trip.

By Brian Ives 

The cover of Jake Owen’s new album American Love sees the country singer sitting in a VW van on the beach. As many of his fans know, he spent some time driving across the country in a VW van. (He documented some of it in his “American Country Love Song” video.) So it was no surprise that a song called “VW” ended up on the album.

But it turns out that Owen didn’t write the song; not only that, but it had been written before he ever took off on his triad trip.

“Well, it was a song that had been written a few years earlier,” Owen tells  “I hadn’t heard it [at the time it was written]. But my buddy who is a songwriter saw that I was doing that VW van trip, he sent me an email saying that his friends had written a song that maybe I could use. And I thought, ‘This is perfect for the record.'”

A big part of the album is making connections with people, and “VW” helped Owen make a nice connection with the writers. “It was really cool because the guys that wrote it hadn’t really had a song on a record before. Now they’re on the map; one of the guys said that now he’s working on a publishing deal. So they’re really excited, and that all ties into the mantra and theme of this whole album, which is: when people are able to benefit from things I’m doing, whether it’s this song, or whether it’s someone who signed my van and got a picture, I was able through this whole process to connect with people in really special ways, and that’s something that I’m proud of.”

American Love is out now and Owen is currently on the road. Check out his tour dates at Eventful. 

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