By Charlie Mitchell

In a word, YES.

Welcome to Traditional Country, 2016 edition.

Complete with clever lyrics, a jukebox, dancing, romance and even a ’57 Chevy 3100 large-rear-window pickup (bonus points for that one!) that’s obviously been brought into the 21st century with lowered suspension, modern wheels and tires.

Sorry, if you’re a non-car person. Now you know how my wife, Janet, feels sometimes. lol.

But if I may…that truck’s a good metaphor for Traditional Country in 2016. Classic style, tweaked for today.


Nearly two years ago, I predicted that over time, a new authenticity would take root in Country Music.

Specifically… (It) “…may not sound all that authentic or traditional to older ears weaned on George Strait and Randy Travis, but for the Millennial generation – and by objective definition – it WILL be a new tradition.”

If this is your kind of music, I think the best is yet to come.


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