The team we Pittsburgh Penguins fans love to hate, the Philadelphia Flyers, unveiled their 50th anniversary logo & jersey and there’s something very familiar about it.

They’ve added the color of gold, much like the Pens’ old Vegas Gold.

Now, it’s not exactly the same gold color. It’s a little darker. You might say it’s ‘philthier’ looking than the nicer Vegas Gold our Penguins wore. And why wouldn’t it be? The Pens used it for sometime before discarding it.

Did the Flyers pick up the color at a yard sale or garage sale? Did the Pens have one of those over the summer?

According to the Flyers’ website, the team will wear their special jerseys during 12 home games. Interestingly, none of those games will be against the Penguins.

Silly Flyers, gold is for Penguins. Based some of the feedback the Flyers are getting on social media, it appears that many agree.


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