By Maria D'Antonio

If you haven’t deleted Pokemon Go yet, today’s Trending @ 10 might just push you to do it!

SUPER MARIO is coming to the iPhone!!! Yes! Nintendo and Apple teamed up to make a new game specifically for iPhone. It’s called “Super Mario Run”, and it’s gonna be pretty easy to play – which I love, because I suck at all things video games.

ANYWAY! Mario will automatically run forward in the game, and all you have to do is tap to make him jump to miss obstacles or get coins or jump on mushrooms or whatever! Simple enough, right?

The bad news here, though, is that you’re gonna have to pay for the app. Wah, wah. BUT, it IS just a one-time fee, and Mario is worth it, right?

According to, they don’t have an official release date yet, but said that it will be available around the holidays! Merry Christmas to us!

You can see more of what the game is gonna look like here! Happy gaming!


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