By Maria D'Antonio

I believe that today’s Trending @ 10 is the most perfect compilation of my childhood. I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS.

According to, VANS is coming out with a ‘Toy Story’ shoe line!!! I’m talking Woody themed shoes with the cow print from his vest and the flannel from his shirt! I’m talking Buzz Lightyear themed shoes that look JUST like his space suit! There are even shoes for the little alien toys that came out of the vending machine at the pizza shop, and shoes for the mutant toys, too!

Check them out below:

And the best part of all of it? On one of the soles of each pair of shoes – is ANDY’S NAME!! Just like he did to all of his toys in the movie!

My heart is so happy and I’d like to personally send all of my hugs to whatever person designed these, because I just love them.


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