By Maria D'Antonio

I have mixed feelings about today’s Trending @ 10. Part of me is scared, and the other part of me wants to say “Awww.”

Let me explain! Earlier this week, Hugh Jackman teased that he would have some updates for us about the new Wolverine movie – EXCITING, right?!

And then yesterday, according to, he released the title of the movie and the first movie poster! The title is going to be “Logan” and the first movie poster looks like this:

AND THIS IS WHERE MY MIXED EMOTIONS COME IN. I mean, sweet that he’s holding some little kid’s hand. But uh, those claws are SHARP and DANGEROUS.

I love Wolverine, but I don’t follow comic books and the Marvel Universe that well, so I have no idea what this poster could mean for this movie – but I am excited!


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