By Charlie Mitchell

“The memory of a day like today, can get you through the rest of your life.” 

Yep. Sounds like a hit to these ears.

I’ll call “Today” Brad Paisley’s second tease of an upcoming album, due in early 2017. The first tease, the Rock-tinged duet with Pop star Demi Lovato, “Without A Fight”, died at #14.

I suspect this one will put him back at the top of the Country Airplay and Billboard charts. It’s classic Brad Paisley, profound in its simplicity, placing a new spin on a word or an everyday phrase, just like he’s done all through his career. It doesn’t matter that the song really breaks no new ground, it’s still a fresh sound, another marker in Country’s ongoing evolution toward a new authenticity and new traditions.

Besides, you’re all caught up in how “Today” celebrates the markers in our everyday lives, from finding out the gender of a new baby to proposing to the one you love.


It’s a positive message, one I think we desperately need at this moment in our nation.


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