By Maria D'Antonio

I couldn’t think of better news to start off the weekend than today’s Trending @ 10!

Thanks to Comic Con that’s going on in New York this weekend, we are getting ‘Golden Girls’ ACTION FIGURES!!! Well, actually, they’re calling them “ReAction figures”, probably because the Golden Girls can react better than they can jump into action, BUT WHATEVER! This is exciting! Because we all deserve to have our very own Betty White, right?!

Take a look at them:

All four of them, Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia, are decked out in their 80s Miami senior citizen gear, and I am in LOVE. They copied these guys to the T! I’m talking down to Sophia holding her purse that she’s probably about to smack someone with! lolol

At first I thought these were only going to be available AT Comic Con, but according to, they’re also available at Target! YAY! Fun for everyone this weekend!


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