By Maria D'Antonio

I have to be honest, I’m a little torn about today’s Trending @ 10. I don’t want to be mad at Harry Potter, but I am. I have to be!

Bruce Springsteen just did an interview with BBC, and it turns out – he actually wrote a ballad for the ‘Harry Potter’ movies!!!

But they never used it! J.K. Rowling REJECTED the Boss!!

Bruce said it was a big ballad, something that he wrote for his oldest son, and was probably something that he never would’ve done on his own. But he did say he thought it fit the movie REALLY well.

He’s actually still stumped as to why they never used it! AND I am stumped as to how they could’ve allowed this to never see the light of day!! I think the people have a right to hear it, whether it was in the movie or not! Don’t you?!

Your move, J.K.!


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