By Maria D'Antonio

Technology is terrifying me a little on today’s Trending @ 10.

So, last week, we found out that Apple was already testing out a bunch of different prototypes for iPhone 8, and this week, we’re getting PICTURES of what the new phone could potentially look like!

BASICALLY, it looks a whole lot like a Samsung Galaxy 7S, with the screen having the bent edges. AND the rumor is that they could be going back to the all-glass phone like the iPhone 4/4S, which my clumsy self is NOT a fan of!

ANYWAY, this is the part that’s really terrifying me – they’re supposed to be getting rid of the home button in favor of an EYE-SCANNER to open your phone!

YES. You could have to hold your eye up to the camera on your phone to open it up! I mean, is that mega secure? SURE. Is it also ‘Mission Impossible’ stuff that the world might NOT be ready for?! DEFINITELY, definitely.

Anyway, you can check out more on the phone here! Let me know if you’re excited about the potential updates in the comments below!


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