By Maria D'Antonio

TONIGHT at 10pm is the magic time that “This Is Us” comes back into our lives! (Yeah, it’s at 10pm tonight for some reason, not sure why, they just called it a “special time” in all their ads)

ANYWAY! On today’s Trending @ 10, I have one more reason for you to fall even more in love with the #couplegoals that are Rebecca and Jack Pearson. Mandy Moore told E! News a couple of weeks ago that her best on-screen kiss was her “This Is Us” co-star, Milo Ventimiglia!

AND ON SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES – Milo admitted the same exact thing! According to, during his red carpet interview he said, “I respect and I appreciate [what she said], and she is mine.”

UGH. SWOON. Can they just date IRL, please?! Check them out gushing over working with each other in the tweets below, and feel free to daydream about them one day becoming a couple!


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