By Maria D'Antonio

Today’s Trending @ 10 is just another example of the world we live in in 2017.

According to, someone found a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto that “resembled” a gorilla – they said specifically HARAMBE, and they put it up for auction online!

The bids started off normal enough, at $15 (which I still think is steep, knowing you can buy 10 bags of Cheetos for that and probably find your OWN Harambe…MOVING ON)

Somehow in the last 24 hours, the bid has reached $100,000!!!!

That’s way too many zeros for a Cheeto, shaped like Harambe or not.

The only thing I can say is, if people are willing to pay that for Harambe, I’ll be searching every inch of my food until I find a Luke Bryan lookalike!


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