Maren Morris is out front in the pack of GRAMMY-nominated country artists this year with four nominations. Two of the nominations are for her song “My Church,” the inspiration for which she says came while she was out for a drive.

“I feel like a lot of my song titles are inspired when I’m in the car. So, I just wanted to write a song that didn’t feel preachy, but encapsulated that feeling of what I feel is my version of church, which is just driving and being one with the music that you’re listening to on the radio and that feeling with the windows down and just exploring new places. So, that’s always sort of been my version of praying, if you will.”

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The importance of music and her car doesn’t stop with the writing. Maren says she takes her songs for a test drive once she receives the demo version.

“As a writer, I would always go play my demos after I received them in my car. I wouldn’t play them at my publisher’s office, or at my house on a speaker. It’s all about a moment that you are sitting in and I don’t know I just have always put a lot of stock into how something sounds in your car because that’s where a lot of people are when they are listening to the radio obviously. That’s my litmus test for if a song holds up. Does it sound good on these speakers?”

Maren is up for Best New Artist, Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song (for “My Church”) at the GRAMMYs. Plus, her debut album “Hero” gave Morris her 4th GRAMMY nom, this one for Best Country Album. She said “Hero” has a little something for everyone.

“If I’m handing my music to someone who’s never heard me before, I would just say… I’ve put every part of me into this album. I’ve written every song, I co-produced it, it really is everything about me. Genre wise you really can’t lock anything down on this album, it’s cohesive but it’s also all over the place, and it’s just a diverse piece of art, and I feel like there really is something for everyone on it. So, if you love country, if you love pop, if you love soul, you will enjoy this record I hope.”


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