By Maria D'Antonio

I think you and I have done a pretty EXCELLENT job at patiently waiting for the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie to come out. ESPECIALLY with all those teaser-trailers they’ve been releasing, right?!?

ANYWAY, today’s Trending @ 10 feels like a little reward for our patience! Kohl’s has just come out with a “Beauty and the Beast” inspired clothing line!!

And it’s SUPER cute.

Of course, they have the golden ball gown-inspired dress. They have two of them, actually! (Pictured above) One has a little more lace, the other is silkier with pleats!

But if you’re more into Belle’s look at the beginning of the movie, they have a denim crochet dress that’s for you! The sleeves on it are ADORABLE! And then they have a bunch of rose-patterned dresses and logo tees, too!

The best part? They’re all UNDER $40! has pictures of everything for you here!

At least now we don’t have to figure out what we’re wearing to the movie!! 🙂


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