By Amanda Wicks

Brett Eldredge is back and ready to get a little crazy. The country singer shared his brand new single, “Somethin’ I’m Good At,” today (February 24th).

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In the song, Eldredge details all the things he’s terrible at doing. “I’m a real bad liar/ I’m a burnt toast kind of guy ‘er/ If I try to build a fire, I’ll burn the woods/ I ain’t a mover or a shaker/ Can’t keep up with the pacer/ Never met a dance floor that ever did me any good,” he sings in the opening verse. But he is good at putting a smile on people’s faces.

“It’s exciting to write and record a song that captures this side of me and this song is full of life and excitement,” Eldredge said about the song in a statement. “I hope everyone feels the way I do about it and I hope it puts a smile on your face when you hear it as you’re driving down the road or unloading the dishwasher or whatever you’re doing, I just hope it makes you happy.”

“Somethin’ I’m Good At” has a happy-go-lucky, summery feel, which is perfect considering it appears on his forthcoming album due out this summer. Eldredge hasn’t released the title or release date yet, but his new single is the perfect tease to get fans through to summer.

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