By Robyn Collins 

Little Big Town’s The Breaker touches on a wide array of human emotions: sadness, loss, joy, sensuality, freedom. The title track, which closes the album, is perhaps the most indicative of the vulnerability that laces through all twelve tracks.

For a group of people who are happily married, they sing the heartbreak songs so well.

We won’t even talk about the Taylor Swift penned-“Better Man.” Country music enthusiasts already know the tune and are loving it (it recently hit #1 on the country charts).

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“Happy People” – Written by Lori McKenna, Hailey Whitters, could almost be a hippie anthem. It contains the moral truths reminiscent of Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind” (also written by McKenna) with a gentle gypsy band vibe.

“We Went to the Beach” – Written by Matt Jenkins, Chase McGill and Laura Veltz, this is a nostalgic track about the memories you might make at the shore. The family trip, the party, the honeymoon. The vibey percussion almost makes you feel like you’re sitting on a wooden deck in the Florida panhandle with your feet in sugar sand.

“Free” – Written by Barry Dean, Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird and Lori McKenna; this song reminds us that the important things in life are things that you can’t buy. The vibe of the song almost makes you feel like you are flying free over a field.

“When Someone Stops Loving You” – Written by Hillary Lindsey, Chase McGill and  Lori McKenna. This song talks about all the things you still have to do, even when your heart is broken. Everyone else goes along just like nothing has changed, while you are struggling to get through the day.

“The Breaker” – Written by Connie Harrington and TJ Osborne, it’s the album’s closer and they saved the best for last. This melancholy track finds its setting in the aftermath of a love that has ended. “I thought I was the hero of your heart, but I turned out to be The Breaker.”


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