Trending @ 10: Happy Monday! Here’s Ryan Reynold’s Tush!

Welcome back to work! Mondays are hard, but today’s Trending @ 10 should make things a whole lot easier!


Seriously! A teaser trailer for “Deadpool 2” was released over the weekend and it gave us 10 glorious seconds of Ryan Reynold’s tush!

In the clip, they are clearly poking fun at Superman and how he changes into his superhero costume in a phone booth. Deadpool was called into action and needed a place to change, so he climbed into the nearest phone booth, and needless to say, it didn’t go smoothly.

He awkwardly struggles to get his superhero outfit on and in the struggle, bares his bum! May have been bad for him, but GREAT for us!

This video is definitely NSFW, not only because of the bum, but it’s also a little gory. BUT as soon as it’s safe – watch it in the clip above! Starts around the 1:10 mark (because clearly you want to skip to the good part)!

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