WAIT. Is Sam Hunt Already Married?!??!

You know, Sam Hunt is already marrying someone who ISN’T me…I’ll be really disappointed if this is true.

Fans are speculating that he’s ALREADY MARRIED because of this picture he posted to Instagram over the weekend:

A post shared by Sam Hunt (@samhuntmusic) on

In it, (aside from looking TOTALLY adorable) he’s clearly wearing some kind of ring on THAT finger. Is it a wedding ring?! Who knows! But, that’s not the only photo it showed up in from the weekend!

It’s also here:


A post shared by Sam Hunt (@samhuntmusic) on

AND here!

bro bro

A post shared by Sam Hunt (@samhuntmusic) on

If he and Hannah DID secretly tie the knot, I wouldn’t actually be that surprised. They waited more than a month before they announced they were engaged, and he was also super coy about giving out any details about the wedding!

It’s like the guy wants privacy or something?! lolol I’M JUST LAUGHING THROUGH THE PAIN.

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