By Maria D'Antonio

I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING OR WHY, but it’s happening. This is life in 2017.

According to, Topshop has come out with a brand new style of jeans…called “Clear Knee Mom Jeans”. And sadly, they’re exactly what the name says they are.

Mom jeans with clear plastic knees.

AND! Nordstrom has picked them up and they’re selling them online for $95!!!

I don’t understand?!?! They aren’t even a full pant?! They’re cut off at the ankle!! They’re FLOODS. WITH PLASTIC WINDOWS IN THE KNEE.

Mom or not, NO ONE should be spending $95 for this fashion abomination. OR maybe I’m wrong?! Tell me what you think of the jeans in the comment section below!

My head hurts.


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