By Amanda Wicks

Brett Eldredge is preparing to release his third studio album this summer, but ahead of that big drop, he’s been playing some of his new songs on tour.

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Eldredge has been opening for Luke Bryan’s Kill the Lights Tour, and fans at shows in North Carolina and South Carolina captured a handful of new songs, including (the tentatively titled) “Long Way Around,” “Love Someone” and “Superhero.” All three have to do with love and its exhilarating emotions.

On “Superhero,” Eldredge admires a strong woman who inspires him, while on “Long Way Around” he sings about the kind of love that people dream about. Before he played it for his audience in Greensboro, South Carolina, he explained the subject matter a bit more. “I kinda got deeper into love. The kind of love that I’m looking for…the kind of love that you want to know everything about that person, you wanna go around, see everything, where they grew up, what made them who they are,” he said. “I wrote this song about that.”

Check out the new songs below.

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