MTV Added to Kenny Chesney’s Musical Influences

Remember when MTV actually played music videos? Country superstar Kenny Chesney does and said it actually helped influence his ‘sound’ long before he started making music.

While country was a very big part of what was coming out of his speakers as a kid, he experienced more than that. “Where I lived there was all this random stuff, and I think that’s why my musical taste is so eclectic. Why it’s so different and all over the place,” said Chesney.

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“I grew up in a place where country music was prominent. But, there was also rock that we know now as classic rock,” he said. “You gotta remember, that was right when MTV hit, and there was all this whole world opened up to us and so I saw Tom Petty in the big hat in the video and I’m like ‘Wow, what’s that? It’s so great.’ A kid from East Tennessee and we’re all going across the street going ‘Did you see the hat?'”

“Then again I love Conway Twitty and I loved… I was a freshman in high school when Unwound came out by George Strait and it was just so great.”


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