By Charlie Mitchell

UPDATED 5:30PM Thursday 3/23/17

Here it is…as debuted on Y108 by Tim & Faith themselves today at 5pm!

Now, in honor of “Speak To A Girl”, let’s look back at a few of their classics, shall we?

1) The One That Started It All. The Platinum Standard.

Y108 was there 20 years ago when “It’s Your Love” stormed straight up the American Country Countdown. When the dust settled, “It’s Your Love” swept the ACM Awards and spent a month-and-a-half at Number One.

2) The Follow-Up.

“It’s Your Love” was the lead single from Tim’s Everywhere project. Now it was time for a little duet pixie dust for Faith. “Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me” appeared on her 1998 Faith album as the follow-up to instant classic “This Kiss.” After peaking at #3, it went on to compete with “This Kiss” in winning numerous awards.

3) “It’s Your Love”, 2.0.

Forgive me for calling “Let’s Make Love” what it really is – a shameless rewrite of “It’s Your Love.” Yes it won a Grammy and went to #1, but this one also sparked a backlash from which she never fully recovered, despite a brief comeback in 2005 – as both Country and Faith Hill were rediscovering their roots.

4) The Forgotten Gem.

If you really dig into the lyrics, you may tear up as this tale of desperation and sadness unfolds. Tim and Faith sell this one with the zeal of a backwoods preacher. Should’ve done better than #16.

5) Forgotten Gem 2.0.

John Rich – as in Big ‘N’ Rich – co-wrote this one. The video never gets specific, obviously, but it’s hard not to think of George Jones and Tammy Wynette when watching it. A crossover success but still definitely Country.

6) Tim & Faith Prove They Still Have It.

Released right smack in the middle of the Bro-Country craze, Tim & Faith’s “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s” was a much-needed respite…even though it came on the heels of the rather Bro-flavored “Lookin’ For That Girl” . Critics loved it and Country fans took it to #2.

So whaddya think of “Speak To A Girl?”


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