By Maria D'Antonio

BLESS UP, today’s Trending @ 10 is bringing us more emojis!

According to, Unicode Consortium, the company that designs emojis, is releasing 69 new emojis THIS JUNE!

And they are getting super specific and detailed with these puppies! Take a look below:

There are more male and female versions of professions, like rock climber and yoga instructor. But they also dipped their toe into the fantasy world with this batch of emojis, because we also have:

– Male/Female Vampires
– Mermaids/Mermen
– I don’t know what you call them, but the people from “Lord of the Rings” with the pointy ears? Male and female versions of them!

ALSO – there are dinosaurs! A T-Rex AND (I don’t know if this is the technical name for it) a long neck! (That’s what they called it in “The Land Before Time” – my only reference.)

In the way of food, you can now tell people you’re eating a soft pretzel at a Bucco game this summer without using any words!

HIGH FIVE! Let the countdown to June begin!


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