Trending @ 10: Get Free Slurpees with Your Siblings!

Like I’ve told you before, and I’ll tell you again, if I’m good for nothing else in your life – I’m good for letting you know when you can get FREE FOOD! And on today’s Trending @ 10, it’s all about the FREE SLURPEES from 7-Eleven!!

Yep! According to, in honor of National Siblings Day that happened on Monday, when you head to your local 7-Eleven with your sibling (or best bud or just a second person), you can get buy-one-get-one Slurpees!!

And they have a brand new Slurpee flavor available, too! Trolli Pineapple Lime Slurpee, and YES! It is inspired by the gummy candy!!

Just make sure when you do go to get them, that your sibling does the “buy one” part, so yours is the “get one free” part! 🙂

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