Trending @ 10: A Cookie Dough Kit Kat Now Exists!!!

I’m definitely betting that you’ll want to see today’s Trending @ 10 in your Easter basket on Sunday!

Kit Kat now makes a COOKIE DOUGH STUFFED KIT KAT, according to


It’s the same candy you know and love with the chocolate and wafers, but it now has a layer of creamy cookie dough stuffed into the top of it!!!

Pictures of it actually look pretty amazing:

BUT UNFORTUNATELY, as much as you want to add this to your Easter basket wish list, you can also add it to your list of candy that’s NOT available in the United States.

You’re probably asking yourself, “WHY MARIA?! WHY DID YOU TELL ME THIS IF I CAN’T GET IT?!”

Because you can, it just depends on how much you want it.

If you’re willing to pay somewhere in the range of $25 for one candy bar, then you can purchase this bad boy right here on Amazon!

I’d say it’s worth it. No judgement here!

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