By Maria D'Antonio

I can’t believe it, but the day has finally come! None of us wanted it to happen unless it was happening to US, but Sam Hunt did it! He got married this weekend!

His fiancee Hannah Lee Fowler is now Hannah Lee HUNT! (How perfect is that name, though?)

When the news broke last week that the wedding was happening on Saturday morning, we were told that Sam and Hannah wouldn’t be releasing any photos from the wedding to the media, but THANK GOD for TMZ and their paparazzi, because there are all SORTS of photos!

Click here to see pre-ceremony photos!

Hannah looked like a Greek goddess! Her dress was super flowy and she put her hair in a side fishtail braid! (Got a girl from the south side, got braids in her hair…just saying!)

We didn’t get too much of a glimpse of Sam, but from what we COULD see, looks like he went for the traditional black tux! Always a good look to stay classic!

And I don’t know how, but TMZ managed to get their paparazzi into the reception, too! And Sam seems to have made an outfit change – from a black tux to a white one! And I have to say, he really knows how to rock that look!

See pictures from the reception here!

Congrats Sam and Hannah Hunt! (ugh, not going to lie, that hurt a little bit to type)


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